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August 30, 2022 in News & Blog

4 Reasons Why a ​Digital Presence ​Is Important

If your company is to become successful in today’s markets, you need to be online. For many, this is a given, but there are still some business owners who feel that the Internet is not for them and that their customers want the personalized service they get when shopping in person. They couldn’t be farther from the truth.

There is still a very small amount of people who would rather shop in person, but technology is making it more convenient for customers to shop online, visit a website to learn about a business, or Google location, hours of operation, and directions to the business. Plus, by the time a prospective customer contacts you, they have already made the decision to purchase your products or services. This is a result of smart technology making it easier for potential customers to research your products, your prices, and your business itself online.

As you can see, having a digital presence is about more than just selling your products online, it is about growing your business and engaging a much larger audience.

So, why is a digital presence so important for your business?

1: Visibility – Your small business can’t be everywhere, all of the time, can it? With a digital presence, it can. Your business can be seen by thousands of potential customers in search engines, on social media, and in industry forums where people can learn what your business is about.

2: Authority – Having a digital presence and using it effectively can make you an authority in your industry. From publishing informative content to posting demonstration videos, your digital presence can show customers why they should be shopping with you.

3: First Impression – The first impression the customer gets of you and your business is always the most important. In the real world, we can’t always control the impression we leave with customers as there are so many variables. You can control your online image and the impression customers receive through your digital presence. A premium digital profile and attractive website will get your business noticed and will plant a good first impression in the minds of potential customers.

4: 24/7/365 – Your physical store may be open 8-12 hours per day. This leaves another 12-16 hours where you could be selling products or providing information to potential customers. A digital presence means that they see your business and your products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. This can double your profits and grow your business even while you are sleeping. This will also give a boost to your marketing efforts, which for many SMEs just starting out, are lackluster at best.

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